Hi , Myself Binod kumar. I studied at Royal Public School and here is my experience. The worst experience , the nightmare.


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Royal School over-estimates its power. It thinks that it is best and rest are shit. But actually, it is the real shit.


Royal school tells that girls are god and boys should be killed like jews. All boys are criminals. A girl can do anything and it is right.


To be honest , Royal school maintains a gigantic immense Partiality eco-system for its students. Hostelers get prizes when we get kicked out. Girls get queen status while boys get shit on grass.

Child Labour

Seniors force us to clear the field while they just rest. When we complain nobody responds.

Shitty Teachers

Teachers make Tik-Tok videos and posts on instagram. They are unqualified teenagers. Focus on students and subject is nill.


In this school , Students are the avatar of Demons. They fight with each other and use offensive languages involving family members. And i saw a WWE Match between teacher & student.


Students are 5-star Sheeps. They follow one cool guy in field of style. They are totally moronic humans. Comparing them with animals is a insult of animals.


Hygiene is never a option. Students literally wash their hands with Pee and toilet is just next-level. Forget about micro-biology if you are there!!

Food Rant

Yellow water is served in the name of curry in hostel. It is a miracle for me that how hostelers live. They eat nothing nutrient-rich foods.

RIP English

English 2.0 is invented while speaking. some phrases from teen teachers are:


Assumtion is level infinite. Some are:

Next-level Logic

There is no logic as same as selmon kha movies. A girl is like the moon or laxmi , is some of them. I question why they compare such shitty things.


I want to conclude that Royal school is shit.