Did you expect to find something interesting in Stairs? These are the stairs that leading up to the Richard Feynman Observatory and Radio Station NVBVH.

Today, it is a little crowed in my workshop. My grandson, Cameron, is visiting. I see he left one of his toys on the stairs. And someone is playing with one of my Electric Powered Radio Control Model Helicopters. Probably my daughter's husband, Paul. Hope he doesn't hurt anyone. Like that woman! Woman? Who is she?!! Boy, I get all sorts of strange people dropping in on me.

Get a load of that dummy in the Thomas Jefferson Reading Room. He is more than decoration. I take him to work with me. He sits in the passanger seat of my Van. You see, in California, we have commuter lanes. To be in a commuter lane, you have to have two or people in your car. I put a hat , shirt and tie on him and the cops think he is just another dummy going off to work. (How right they are!). Actually, one day one of them may catch on. A tie? No one wears a tie to work in Silicon Valley!

The deer. You want to know about the deer? Yes, I'll just bet you do. Have a beer. There is one on the table for you.

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