Juan Manuel Fangio

This page is dedicated to Jaun Manuel Fangio. Fangio is probably the greatest race car driver ever. He won the Grand Prix world championship five times. He is famous for his faultless style and easy going manner. When I was teenager, he was my super hero. To learn more about Fangio, check out these links.

Fangio at the wheel - photo

(The long list of sites I had here in 1996 had all gone to internet heaven by January, 2002.)

I do not know if Fangio ever rode a motorcycle, but I think of him every time I get on my BMW K75RT. The riding of a Motocycle leaves no room for error. The rider is extremely vulnerable. Any little screw up is liable to be the last screw up. It takes total concentration. For many years, I commuted daily on my motorcyle. It was the perfect way to start the day. Riding to work helped me get a focused attitude. But, alas, as I passed into my 50s, my night vision started to deteriorate. I had to give it up for saftey sake. Now I commute in a big van listening to books on tape. Not good for getting focused...

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