Laughton Information

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as of 20 July 2001

As I research my family,  some information I find pertains to my family, most doesn't. Instead of throwing it out, here it is on this page. It's arranged by first names, alphabetically, by century. If you have info others might find useful, contact me and I'll add it to this page. Any Laughton's on this page related to me are noted after the entry. Updates will be on a regular basis. Items added in latest update have ** in front.


John Laughton of Eastfield England, born 7 Sep 1665, married Elizabeth Mainwairing (d. 2 Apr 1724). Their children were:

William (25 Apr 1692 - 16 Nov 1692)
Robert (b. 17 Aug 1693)
These are the Laughton's whose crest is on the Laughton info exchange page.
Their Motto: "Time Pudorum"
Source:Family Records by Ashworth Burke (of Burke's Peerage)

Richard Laughton, 1668(?)-1723, prebendary of Worcester, educated at Cambridge

Thomas Laughton was born 1609 in Olny Bucks, England. Wife=Sarah (last name unknown). Thomas died 8 August 1697. Their son, Thomas, emigrated to America. A decendent of this family can be contacted at

Thomas Laughton, son of Thomas & Sarah Laughton of Olny Bucks, England, married Hannah Silsbee, who was born in Lynn, Massachusetts. Hannah died 8 January 1681/82 in Lynn. Their son is John Laughton who was the dean at Harvard and is mentioned below. A decendent of this family can be contacted at

William Laughton, age 24, transported from England to Jamaica, 1686


Alexander Laughton married Mary Snyder on 30 Nov 1782 in the Reformed Dutch Church, in Hackensack, NY.

Benjamin Laughton, of Cape May County, NJ is listed as a partner along with 67 other people, forming an association to buy all the unsold land surrounding Cape May to preserve it as a fishing ground and oyster bed. The document is signed 20 November 1752.

Catherine Laughton married George Deblois, of Newburyport, on 10 Oct 1773, in Boston.

Catherine Laughton married Gideon Saul on 10 Dec 1797 in Trinity Church, NYC.

David Laughton, of Vermont, filed a Revolutionary War pension application #S10968.

Dorcas Laughton, widow of Henry, died 14 Sept 1770.

Ebenezer Laughton, of New Hampshire, was killed in the Revolutionary War on June 17, 1775. There are two Laughton's who are known to have died in this war. The other is Jerimiah, of Massachusetts. Source: Known Military Dead During the American Revolutionary War, 1775-1783.

Elizabeth Laughton married Mr Joseph Callender, an engraver on 9 July 1789 in Boston. Officiated by Rev Clark.

Elizabeth Laughton married Crawley Burroughs on 16 Apr 1758 in Trinity Church, NYC.

Elizabeth Laughton, of Rhode Island, and Elias Wair, of Boston, filed intentions to marry on 21 June 1722. Marriage not recorded in Boston.

Francis Laughton, born in NY, executed for piracy, within the seamark(???-trying to read handwriting here)at Newport, Rhode Island, July 19, 1723. Age 39 years.

George Laughton married Mehetll. Cudlis (that's the way it's printed in the source), both of Roxbury, in Boston, on 29 July 1725. Officiated by Samuel Checkley, JP.

George Laughton, 1736-June 1800, son of John Laughton, of Bridgewater, Somerset

Henry Laughton married Susanna Salsbury on 22 Nov 1711 in Boston. Minister was Rev Ebenezer Pemberton (Presbyterian)

Henry Laughton married Mary Griffin on 11 July 1739 in Trinity Church, Boston.

Henry Laughton filed intention to marry Dorcas Pollard on 24 Sep 1747 in Boston. Marriage did not take place in Boston. Do not know if this Henry is the same as the one who married Mary Griffin. See Dorcas Laughton obit listed earlier.

Jacob Laughton was paid $9.00 for his services during the Revolutionary War. He was a member of the First Regiment of Massachusetts and was paid between Nov-Dec 1783. Source: Pierce's Register.

Jacob Laughton of Massachusetts (maybe the same as above) filed a Revolutionary War pension application and recived 160 acres. His wife was named Ester. The acerage was awarded in 1855.

James Laughton, in 1777, in North Carolina, signed a petition against King George III which in part read: " I will have faithfull and true alegiants to the State of North Carolina and will to the utmost of my power support maintaine and defend the Independent Government thereof against george the III king of great Britain and his successers ... Spelling is as appears on the document. The text of this petition can be viewed at

** James Laughton, William Filgo, and Moses Todd, all of Bertie County, North Carolina, signed an agrreement on Dec 2, 1794 to divide up the estate of the late David Filgo. The agreement mentions there was a will, but it was unproved. Source: Book T page 341 Bertie County, North Carolina 1794 wills(This James Laughton seems to be the same one, mentioned above, who signed the pledge against King George).

James Laughton, of Massachusetts, filed a Revolutionary War pension application #S29283.

James Laughton and Lydia Howland, of Bristol, Maine were parents of the following:
Hanna, born 23 January 1782
Lydia, born 9 December 1783
James, born 17 May 1785
Elizabeth, born 3 May 1787
John, born 22 December 1789
Samuel, born 10 March 1791
Sarah, born 17 October 1792
Thomas, born 22 December 1794
Isaac, born on 3 October 1796
Jane, born on 22 January 1798
Nancy, born on 8 November 1806

James Laughton is listed in the US Direct Tax records of 1798. It lists him as living in Bristol, Maine. His house was valued at $105. (a smaller than average value looking at the other houses listed on the page) He lived on 96 acres, which was valued at $400. Both the acreage and value is smaller than most others listed on the page.

James Laughton, my gggg grandad, was Captain of the American merchant ship "Orlando". It sailed from Liverpool and arrived in New York City on 8 April 1797. He paid $3.80 in customs. The "Orlando" was built in NYC in 1797. It weighed 300 tons. Other ships of that weight had two decks and 3 masts. James also sailed the "Grand Turk", 500 tons, from NYC to Gibraltar, on 23 March, 1801, under contract with the US Navy carrying supplies in support of American operations against the Barbary pirates. James returned to NYC on 8 April 1802.

Jerimiah Laughton, of Massachusetts, died on August 11, 1775 while in the military during the American Revolution. See Ebenezer Laughton for source info. The book differentiates between killed and died. Ebenezer was killed. Jerimiah died.

John Laughton was born 26 Jan 1708/09 in Reading, Maine. He died in 1745. He was married to Hephzibath Stimpson, who was born on 1 Jan 1706/07. A decendent of this family can be contacted at This branch of Laughton's emigrated to Minnesota. The father of this John Laughton is John, mentioned below, who died at Harvard 5 March 1768.

John Laughton, son of John Laughton & Hephzibath Stimpson, was born 1731 in Norridgewock, Maine. He was a Minuteman at Lexington. He married Jane Adams on 12 March 1766, in Pepperoll, Massachusetts. John died on 1 March 1785. A decendent of this family can be contacted at

John Laughton, son of John Laughton and Jane Adams, was born 24 Jan 1767 in Groton, Maine. He married Lydia McGraugh in Norridgewock, Maine on 22 Feb 1787. He died 25 July 1842. A decendent of this family can be contacted at

John Laughton married Elizabeth Simpson on 20 Aug 1755 in Boston.

John Laughton married Force Brown in Boston on 7 Oct 1743. Minister was Rev Mather Byles.

John Laughton, Dean at Harvard, was born 3 Jan 1681/82 in Lynn, Massachusetts. He died 5 March 1768 at Harvard. Age 86 years, according to source. His wife was Sarah Swain. A decendent of this family can be contacted at

John Laughton married Mary Beaton, 4 Feb 1765, in Trinity Church, NYC.

Lydia Laughton was the second wife of Asa Davis of Massachusetts. He lived 27 Jan 1763 - 15 Jan 1852. Source: DAR Index

Mary Laughton and George Mayo filed marriage intentions in Boston on 3 March 1730. Marriage did not take place in Boston.

Mary Laughton and John Nichols were married by Rev John Webb on 5 January 1737 in Boston.

Mary Laughton and Daniel Williams were married by Rev Andrew Eliot on 1 Oct 1751 in Boston.

Mary Laughton was the first wife of Corporal Silas Gates of Massachusetts. Gates lived 1 Dec 1756 - 21 Aug 1828 and was a veteran of the Revolutionary War. Source: DAR Index

Sally Laughton married Benjamin Callenger Jr in Boston on 18 Nov 1798. Minister was Rev John Eliot, DD.

Sarah Laughton married Harry Harrington of Massachusetts. Harry lived 8 Jan 1712 - 25 Dec 1791. Sarah was his first wife. Source: DAR Patriot Index.

Uzzarrella H. Laughton was born in 1788 in NJ, to Captain James and Mary Dellzell Laughton. Her will, written on 25 Feb 1870,mentions one sister, Eliza Parkhurst. Uzzarrella died on 21 Sep 1871. (cousin)

William Laughton married Abigail Edwards on 28 July 1763 in Boston. Minister was Andrew Eliot.

William Laughton married Tabitha Kidder on 8 July 1794 in Boston. Minister was Rev Je. Belknap.


A. Laughton appears in the 1860 census as living in Clearwater, Minnesota. Age listed as 35. Profession was "Farmer". Born in Maine. Wife's name is Charlotte (age 37), also born in Maine. Children are: Martha E. (12), Emma H. (10), Albert (8), George (6), Josephine (6), Mary (2), and Edgar (1/12). All children born in Maine except for last three who were born in Minnesota.

Addie Laughton, daughter of Walter J. Laughton and Maggie Bornheimer, was born in 1899. (Cousin)

** Alexander Laughton, formerly a Private of Company K, 150th Illinois Infantry Regiment is mentioned living near Riverdale, Nebraska on page 191 of "Roster of Soldiers, Sailors and Marines of the War of 1812, the Mexican War, and the War of the Rebellion, residing in Nebraska June 1, 1895", published by J. A. Piper, Secretary of State and printed by Nebraska Newspaper Union, York, NE (1895). (My note--The 150th Illinois Infantry Regiment was formed in 1865, served mostly garrison duty in the Atlanta, Georgia area, then was disbanded in 1866.)

Asa Laughton, served in Captain Robert Douglass'Company, Massachusetts Militia as a private in War of 1812

Catherine Laughton, daughter of Walter J. Laughton and Maggie Bornheimer, was born on 28 July 1890. She died 31 May 1943. (Cousin)

Charles Laughton, born 23 April 1835, London Township, Ontario. Spouse=Deborah. Parents Samuel Laughton & Hannah Fox. Charles died 3 Aug 1910.

Charles P. Laughton, son of John Edward and Sarah Cook Laughton, married Georgianne C. Thompkins on 14 May 1874 in Henrico County, Virginia. (cousins)

Edward Laughton appears in the 1891 Superior, Wisconsin city directory. Profession is "Lathe". Address is 271 W 2nd St.

Ester Laughton, age 38, wife of Fred, listed in 1870 NJ census

Florence Laughton (1867-1944) married John Oglesby (1859-1951) in 1887
More of this family tree can be found at:

Francis Laughton married Mary Mcdonald on 24 Oct 1842 in St. Charles County, Missouri

Fred Laughton, age 25, profession: Iron Molder, listed in 1870 NJ census, Newark, 3rd Ward. Daughter=Susi

Henry Laughton, Company "C", 7th Alabama Regiment, was stationed at Barrancas Barracks, near Pensicola, Florida, on 6 Nov 1861.

J. Scott Laughton became a naturalized citizen of the US on 19 Nov 1872. Address listed as 115 E 24th St, NYC. Former nationality not listed. Occupation=Clerk. Witness=Gustavus A. Prinss, 571 Clinton St. Profesion=Book keeper.

J. Laughton was a passenger on the steamship "Gold Hunter" that arrived in California June 12, 1851. Origin was Panama.

J. A. Laughton, appears in the 1879/1880 Sutter Creek,California directory as clerk for the Amador Canal Co.

Jacob Laughton, born 1832, Vermont. Spouse=Miria Kemp. Parents are Jacob Laughton & Hannah.

James Laughton married Nancy Buckman on 30 Sep 1800 in Boston. Officiated by James Freeman.

James Laughton, of Hardwick, is listed as the deputy sheriff in Worchester County. Source is 1802 Massachusetts Register.

James Laughton became a naturalized citizen of the US on 25 Oct 1859. Address listed as Staten Island, NY Former nationality=English. Witness was Patrick Smith of Staten Island.

John Laughton Jr. is a Major in the 2nd Regiment, 6th Division, First Brigade, York 2nd Regiment. Source is 1802 Massachusetts Register.

John Laughton, of Harmony, Maine married Susan Little on 1 April 1845. Officiated by James Eskins

John Laughton, age 29, coachman by profession, in the US since 20 May 1807, applied for citizenship 20 Nov 1809. Under the chapter "Pennsylvania" in the book "British Aliens in the US during the War of 1812"

John Laughton, served in Captain Henry Snow's Company, 45th US Infantry, War of 1812

John Laughton (1871-1951) married Decie Oglesby in 1895.
Alice Laughton (18 Sep 1895-?)
Eleanor Preston (b. 5 Aug 1897)
Sara Ann Laughton (3 Nov 1898-14 Jan 1900)
George Roberts Laughton(15 Aug 1900-19 Feb 1984)
William Jerald Laughton (17 Mar 1902-16 Oct 1946)
Harold Laughton (17 Mar 1902-14 Apr 1902)
James Rudolph Laughton (29 Sep 1903-11 Sep 1904)
Eva Mae (28 Jan 1905-?)
Beatrice Allena (6 Feb 1907-?)
Robert Edward Lee Laughton (11 Jul 1909-?)
Gordon Keith Laughton (26 Aug 1911-?)
Theodore Darius Laughton (29 Jan 1915-11 Jan 1917)
Valeree Decie (25 Jul 1923-?)
More of this family tree can be found at:

John B. Laughton, son of Walter J. Laughton and Maggie Bornheimer, was born on 14 June 1886. He died 4 December 1917. (Cousin)

John Edward Laughton, son of Captain James and Mary Laughton, along with his sister Maria, are baptized on 31 January 1802 at Belleville, NJ.(cousins)

John Edward Laughton married Catherine S. Roberts in Newark, NJ on 28 Sep 1826. They then moved to Richmond, Virginia where he established himself as a carriage-maker.(cousins)

John Edward Laughton married Sarah Ann Cook on 19 July 1839, in Richmond, Virginia. (cousins)

John H. Laughton and Anna L. Clay, both of Leominster, MA were married on. Dec. 31, 1891.

John J. Laughton was born on 18 Sep 1842 in Bristol, Mass (or possibly Elizabethtown, NJ). His parents were Joseph C. (possible stood for Calender) Laughton and Ann G. Randall. Father and son were housepainters. John J. Laughton would join the Union Army and serve with the 15th New Jersey Regiment. John got sick and was discharged. His father was issued a pass to come and assist him home. John J. Laughton arrived home on 15 April 1863, and 3 hours later, passed away.

Joseph Laughton (Right Worshipful) is Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, Society of Masons.

Joseph Callender Laughton was born 30 Jan 1802 in Norfolk, Massachusetts. His parents were William Laughton and Tabitha Kidder.

Josiah W. Laughton applied for a land patent of 160 acres in Benton County, Minnesota.  This area is NW of Minneapolis/St Paul. The date of the signature is September 9, 1894.  Additional data can be found at http://www.glorecords.blm..../

Leslie Henry Laughton, son of John H. and Anna A., was born on July 13, 1892 in Leominster, MA.

Lino Laughton married John Jones on 31 Dec 1889, in Dale County, Alabama by R.B. Arnold.

Lucy Laughton (Mrs., member of the First Presbyterian Church, Watertown, Jefferson County, New York, dismissed to LeRay (another town) in 1847.

Luther Laughton, served Capt Issac Holt's Company, Massachusetts Militia, as a private, War of 1812

Lyman Judson Laughton, son of John Edward and Catherine Roberts Laughton, married Ann Eliza Wingo on 5 Apr 1859 in Richmond, Virginia. (gg grandparents)

Lyman Judson Laughton, son of John Edward and Catherine Roberts Laughton, married Bettie W. Graves on 26 Jun 1866, in Richmond, Virginia. (gg grandad)

Lyman Judson Laughton, son of John Edward and Catherine Roberts Laughton, married Susan Mary Boudinot on 25 Feb 1879, in Trenton, NJ. (gg grandad)

Mary Ann Laughton (1869-1925) married Daniel Oglesby in 1889.
Children (in order):
Mary Ann
Cecil Levi

Mert Laughton, age 39, male, occupation= Farmer, arrived in NYC on 18 June 1877 from Liverpool, England aboard the "City of Richmond"

Nellie Glendora Laughton was originally N. G. Pinkham, but had her name changed to Laughton by a court decree dated 8 Apr 1890. Location: Lowell, Massachusetts.

Orin Laughton (45, born in Maine) and his wife Charlotte (47, born in Maine) are listed in the 1870 as living in Clearwater, Minnesota with the following family members:

Emma, 26, born in Maine

Albert, 18, born in Maine

George, 16, born in Maine

Josephine, 13, born in Minnesota

Mary, 12, born in Minnesota

Edgar, 10, born in Minnesota

Rosett, 9, born in Minnesota

P. Laughton (27) (Laborer), P.M. Laughton (30), and Mary Laughton (22), all from Ireland, arived in New York from Liverpool on June 22, 1827. Ship's name "FRANKLIN". Captain= Robert L. Taylor, of Liverpool.

Pascal S. Laughton, a Second Lieutenant in the 16th Vermont Infantry Regiment, died on 6 August 1863. The 16th was organized at Brattleboro, Vt on 23 October 1862 and was to serve for a period of 9 months.

Patrick Laughton became a naturalized citizen of the US on 21 Oct 1859. Address listed as 144 E 42d St, NYC. Former nationality=English. Witness was Robert Connolly, 2Ave+ 40-41st St, NYC.

Ray Laughton, born 12 Nov 1891, in California, son of Lee Laughton & Alice Sims of Massachusetts. Ray has brother Fon Roy(1940-1979). Ray was killed in a hunting accident 10 Sept 1920 and is buried in Berkely, CA.

Samuel Laughton, 5 Feb 1872-7 Aug 1872, buried at Bagdad cemetary, Santa Rosa County, Florida, near Pensicola (see William)

Solomon Laughton, resident of Vermont, served in Captain Noyce's Company, Colonel Jonathan William's Regiment, detached militia in US service 27 days.

Squire Laughton, (wife=Zenaiah) served Capt Gideon Orton's Company, NY Militia, War of 1812, as a private.

Susi Laughton, age 8, daughter of Fred and Ester, listed in 1870 NJ census

Thomas Laughton married Anna Moon 3 Oct 1866 in Trenton, New Jersey

Thomas Laughton appears in the 1850 Vermont census

Ursarella Laughton married James Nuttman on 23 Oct 1817, in Trinity Cathederal, Newark NJ. She's the daughter of Captain James Laughton, my ggg grandad.(cousin)

Walter Judson Laughton was born on 26 June 1864 in Richmond, VA. His parents are Lyman Judson Laughton and Ann Eliza Wingo. Lyman is my gg grandad.

Walter Judson Laughton, son of Lyman Laughton, married Maggie Bornheimer, on 28 Jul 1883, in New Brunswick, NJ. They will have 3 children--John B. Laughton (1886-1917),Catherine Laughton (1890-1943), and Addie Laughton (1899-?).(cousin)

William Laughton, 10 Apr 1853-8 Dec 1881, buried at Bagdad cemetary, Santa Rosa County, Florida, near Pensicola (see Samuel)

** Rev Winborn A. Laughton and Lucinda Landrum were married on Nov 08, 1827. Source:South Carolina Mag. of Ancestral Research, Vol 5, # 4 (1799-1868)


Charles F. Laughton appears in the 1920 NJ census. He is 53 years old and was born in England. He lives on 44 Scrivens St. in Totowa, NJ. His family includes:
Alice M (48) wife (born in England)
Fredrick W (18) son
Ethel M (16) daughter
Maude E (14) daughter
Frank A (13) son
George H (7) son
All children born in NJ

Clara Laughton appears in the 1905 Duluth, Minnesota city directory. Profession is "Teacher". Address is 2509 W 1st St. Clara is the daughter of Robert (deceased) and Margeret Laughton. See John R and William A Laughton.

Don G. Laughton was born in Siebert, KY on 6 March 1911, per his death certificate. He died 19 Dec 1991. Relatives in California and Florida. Served in US Navy Reserves and possibly on active duty also. Anyone knowing particulars on this gentleman, please contact me.

Eddie Laughton appeared in approxamately 121 Hollywood movies in the 30's and 40's. He appeared in several Three Stooges shorts as well as in Buster Keaton movies. He appeared as a Lieutenant in the Fred Astair/Rita Hayworth musical "you'll never get Rich", (1941). He was born in 1903 in Sheffield, Yorkshire,  England and died in 1952 in Hollywood, California.

Roy Laughton (1940-1979) is the brother of Ray Laughton, born in 1891 in Calif. See Ray Laughton for additional info.

Norris Hastings Laughton appears in the 1920 NJ census. He's living at 482 Clifton Ave in Newark, NJ and is 47 years old. He was born in Massachusetts. His family includes:
Louise, (47) wife, born in Massachusetts
Ester, (12) daughter, born in New York
Norris' obituary appears in the NY times on 10 August 1943. He died at the age of 71. He was an English teacher at East High in Newark. He arrived in Newark from NY in 1911. He graduated from Harvard in 1895 and was born in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

James Fyfe Laughton, a minister of the Prospect Heights Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn, NY, died June 8, 1962. He was an interdenominational clergyman and was also a ship's master. He was born in China of missionary parents, was a graduate of the Technical Naval College in Greenock, Scotland, and from the Crozier Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania. He was captain of the ship "Fukuin Maru" before WWII.

John R. Laughton appears in the 1910 Duluth, Minnesota city directory. Profession is "Operator--GNP Company" John is the son of Robert (deceased) and Marg Laughton. See Clara.

Sumner George Jack Laughton, of Bowman, passed away on 15 August 1960. He was a native of Reno, NV. Survivors included:
Wife: Clementine
Mother: Emma Larkin
Son: Bill Laughton of Colorado
Sister: Velma Watt of Merced
Sister: Nancy Simpson of San Jose
Brother: George L. Laughton of Nevada
Step-dad: L.B. Larkin of Nevada

Wallace Bruce Laughton appears in the 1911 Knoxville, Tennessee Directory. (He's a cousin of mine.) Wallace died in Washington DC on 22 Oct 1935. His wife was May Escott Laughton, who was from Shelbyville KY.(cousin)

Reverend William Laughton's obituary appears in the 3 Feb 1933 issue of the Vinyard Gazette. The Gazette covers the town of Tisbury and the island of Martha'a Vinyard.

William A. Laughton appears in the 1920 Duluth, Minnesota city directory. Profession is "Agent--Boston Coal Docks". Address is 2415 W 9th St. William is the son of Robert (deceased) and Marg Laughton. See Clara and John R Laughton.

William Miller Laughton worked for Bethelem Steel in San Francisco in the 1940s.(cousin)

Mike Laughton