Laughton Coats Of Arms

Laughton Coats of Arms

The coat for arms on the left were taken from the tomb of Isabel Laughton, a 15th Century heiress of the Laughtons. The tomb is located at St. John's Church in (a) Laughton township. A similar coat of arms has been found on the 17th Century tomb of William Laughton of Eastfield, esq. The tomb is located at Tickhill Church in Eastfield. This particular coat of arms was officially recorded by the Heraldic Visitation of Yorkshire in 1612.

The coat of arms on the right comes from one of those "History of the Laughtons" rip off books that all Laughtons are invited to buy several times during our life times. These books claim to tell the history of the Laughton family. In reality, they are stock book about genology research with a list of the names and addresses of numerous Laughtons in the USA.

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