Hover Ball

by Michael C Palmer

Hover Ball is a game of bouncy avoidance in which you control a blue ball by swiping the screen while many red balls bounce around you. You must try to collect the #1 red ball while avoiding all of the others. The walls and the screen borders are also dangerous, deflecting and eventually breaking your ball.

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More Information

HoverBall was the first game demo that I produced for yBasic on my AlphaSmart Dana Palm-based word processor some years ago, and the first game that I ported to RFO Basic!. It's a fairly simple touch-based game featuring simple inertial physics where you control a blue ball in an arena crowded by red balls that bounce off of the walls and the screen borders. Your task is to bump the ball labeled '1' while avoiding all of other balls and obstacles. Once bumped, the other ball numbers are reduced by one and a new ball appears on the screen.

I spent some time creating a fairly complex option and scoring system base on the dialog.select command but was forced to manually draw the high score display because I couldn't achieve proper alignment with any of the dialog commands. The game is limited to 30fps but seems to drop somewhat lower when too many balls and/or borders are on screen at once, presumably due to the collision detection.

The game has been updated so that it no longer clears the screen every frame. Modifying the existing graphical objects is more efficient than creating new ones 30 times per second, and it actually improved the quality as well.


HoverBall is public domain and may be freely used, distributed, and modified with the following exceptions. One, I reserve the exclusive right to distribute it where software is bought or sold. Two, derivative work may not use the name of HoverBall.

Questions and comments welcome in my mailbox, MichaelCPalmer1980@gmail.com

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