BASIC! for Android

Privacy Policy

Our Policy

BASIC! does not collect any information from you. It does not save any information about you, and it does not send any information anywhere.

You may, if you choose, change settings that affect the appearance and behavior of BASIC! and its Editor. Your choices are stored privately on your Android device. This stored information is erased if you uninstall BASIC!.

You may, if you choose, write programs in the BASIC! language and instruct BASIC! to execute them. Such programs are held in public storage, visible to anyone with access to your device. You, or anyone with access, may erase program files at any time, but they are not automatically erased when you uninstall BASIC!.

Programs that you write can use many of the capabilities of your Android device. If you write them to do so, your programs may

BASIC! does what your programs tell it to do, and nothing else. It does not monitor your data or your transmissions. It does not store, transmit, or display anything that you do not explicitly program it to.

You are in complete control.

What You Install

When you install the BASIC! application (com.rfo.basic), you get these parts:

Android Permissions

Installing BASIC! requires granting several permissions.

Terms and Conditions

The Launcher, Editor, and Interpreter work together to allow you to create and execute BASIC! programs. They are subject to this Privacy Policy.

Certain menu options of the BASIC! Editor access websites outside of your Android device. While the developers of BASIC! have taken care to link only to safe websites, these outside sites are not subject to this Privacy Policy.

Programs written in the BASIC! Language are not subject this Privacy Policy. Such programs may collect and/or transmit personal data. Your execution of any program, whether written by you or by a third party, is at your sole discretion and risk.

Your use of the BASIC! Editor or the BASIC! Interpreter indicates your acceptance of this Privacy Policy.

Last updated 2017/03/09