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BASIC! for Android


About BASIC!

RFO BASIC! is a dialect of Dartmouth Basic that allows you to write and run programs directly on your Android device.  In addition to the traditional Basic features, your have access to:

Graphics (with Multi-touch),
HTML and JavaScript available for user interfaces,
Device Sensors,
Music Play,
Sound Pools,
Audio Recording,
Tone Generation,
Data Structures such as:Array/List/Stack/Bundle
Internet Browsing,
Text and Byte file I/O,
User defined functions,
FTP Client,
TCP/IP Client and Server Sockets,
Send SMS Messages,
Send Emails,
Make a phone call,
Superuser access

BASIC! programs may be complied into applications. There are two processes provided for this. One process generates a home screen shortcut but requires BASIC! installed to run. The other process generates a stand alone application that does not need BASIC! installed. The resulting application can be offered on the Android Market.

All of the features of BASIC! are documented in the manual, De Re BASIC!, which is currently over 200 pages in size.

The install package include almost three dozen BASIC! source code files that explain and demonstrate the implementation details of this dialect.

BASIC! is being continuously improved. New releases have come at an average of one per week. Many of the improvements have come from user requests. Join the BASIC! forum and become part of the development team.

This project is a labor of love by the curator of The Dr. Richard Feynman Observatory and author of Atari Basic and Apple DOS 3.1. It is free to all,  now, and forever. The underlying source code is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License.


The BASIC! user manual, De Re BASIC!, is available on line and also downloadable as a PDF or MS Word document.


De Re BASIC!.pdf




The descriptions and Android .apk files for the last ten versions can be found here.


If you have questions, comments, enhancment requests or bug reports, the RFO BASIC! Form at is the place to go.

Source Code

The source code of each release, starting with release version v01.00, can be found in version's release information web page.

Distribution License

BASIC! is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.


The Guestbook is being kept for historical purposes. You should now use the Forum.


You may contact me directly by email at