The Pack

Sarah and three of her friends, all homeschoolers, known collectively as "The Pack," spend a great deal of time together. One of The Pack's favorite activities is to hang out in trees. The pictures below show The Pack up a tree at one of the homeschool weekly park days.





I sit wedged between the branches of my tree, my feet pressed against the branch below to secure me against falling out.

As I lean back against the tree, I feel the bark against my legs, behind my back, bark that has been worn smooth in places by my feet and those of my friends.

The tree's canopy is dappled green and golden as the light shines though its leaves.

The grass beneath me rustles as my cat walks through it. I call his name and he looks at me as if to ask why I am up here.

The leaves rustle; the wind chime tinkles; and birds twitter as they flit from branch to branch.

A warm breeze carries the green and yellow smells of spring: freshly turned earth, plants everywhere, budding leaves, freshly cut grass, flowers blooming in the front yard, and a whiff of smoke from a barbecue somewhere.

The setting sun shines through the leaves turning my hair red-gold, and casting shadows across my book.

Sarah Laughton, 1995